Bending Services

Likewise, We have the capacity of bending services to desired shapes and specifications.  It is equipped with bending facilities that can service any base metal material from a thickness range of 0.30 mm to .80 mm of 2.44m, 3.66m, and up to 6.0m length for different shapes for light and heavy gauges.




Installation Services

We have invested heavily in modern tooling equipment and outfitted with proper tools and safety personal protective equipment in creating the Installation Department. The Department provides expert professional services in the specialized field of metal roof fascia, cladding, ceiling panels and metal decking installation.  It is composed of teams, with each being headed by a highly trained licensed engineer or an architect for roof, cladding and metal decking floor systems installation. The Department conducts actual measurement at site and provides warranty on its completed jobs within one year from date of substantial completion.




Slitting Services

Equipped with an automatic uncoiler and recoiler, the slitting line can slit coils with thickness ranging from 0.30mm to 2.00mm.



Shearing Services

Our shearing line can cut and flatten steel/metal based materials with thickness ranging from 0.30mm to 2.00mm


  •  Line Speed : 12 meters/minute
  •  Thickness Range : 0.20mm to 2.00mm
  •  Uncoiler Loading Capacity : 6 tons maximum
  •  Coil Inner Diameter : 490mm – 500mm
  •  Coil Width : 915mm, 1220mm




Project Cost Estimate Services

Our Estimating Department provides free and reliable project cost estimates.  Staffed with rigidly trained engineers and architects specialized in the fields of roof coverings, fascia, cladding and metal decking, the Department conducts quantity take-offs from plans and actual measurements.




Structural Design Services

The Structural and Technical Design Group provides appropriate design needs of the customer in the structural analysis of metal decking design, metal roof rainfall capacity rates, and metal roof wind up-lift calculation. The group provides further professionally drawn shop drawings and detailing works.


  •  Line Speed – 50m to 120m per minute
  •  Coil Width – 300mm to 1220mm
  •  Coil Thickness Range – 0.30mm to 2.00mm
  •  Coil Capacity – 12 tons maximum
  •  Slit Number – 9 to 12 pieces maximum   
  •  Minimum Slitted Width – 100mm
  •  Coil Inner Diameter – 490mm-500mm
  •  Mother Coil Width – 915mm, 1220